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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Create an Oasis in the Yard

A plain yard is boring and does not get much use from the family. A swimming pool, professional landscaping, or an outdoor kitchen may not be in the budget, but there are several cost-effective ways to transform the yard into a personal oasis. Creating a peaceful and colorful space does not have to be expensive. Plant a small garden, either vegetables or flowers, in the space. It will require some attention, which will draw people out of the house more. The sunshine, fresh air, and the pleasure of watching things grow will be well worth the time spent in the garden.

A simple patio or deck provides a place for family and friends to visit, enjoy a barbecue, or relax after a long day of work. Having a patio or deck installed can be costly, but homeowners can save a lot of money by building one. Materials are readily available from a lumber yard or home improvement store. Detailed instructions are available online, as are demonstration videos. Large chain improvement stores offer free workshops on do-it-yourself projects. The project can be completed in one weekend. Add a table and some chairs and enjoy the yard. Have morning coffee, invite friends over for lunch, or throw a small party on a Saturday night on the new patio.

Decorations can be added to reflect personality. A bold planter, a bean bag chair on the lawn, bird feeders hanging from the trees, or a small fountain are all examples of low-cost ways to create a comfortable and fun space. Most people associate fountains with ponds, but there are many that are designed to stand alone and circulate water continuously. Styles range in colors, themes, and sizes. Small ones can be placed on an end table or in a corner, while medium and large ones are ideal for the middle of the garden, the center of the lawn, or even in the front. The widest selection can be found online at discounted pricing. They are easy to set up and are efficient so the increase in utility bills will not even be noticed. This low maintenance decoration can make quite the statement and delight family and friends.

Can it Be Easier to Get Inside Your Apartment?

No matter if it’s a mom who’s trying to get inside with a young child and an armful of groceries or a younger adult who needs to carry their bike inside when they get home, many people have experienced a time when they’re trying to get inside of their home and they just don’t have enough hands. Juggling the things they’re carrying will work, but they might wonder if there’s an easier way to get inside their home.

Some apartments have switched from standard locks to ones that require a key fob. Instead of having to unlock the door with a standard key, a key fob can be used instead. This is often easier, and it makes it possible to get inside easily when it’s dark and they can’t see the lock to use a key, but they still need to get the key fob out to use it. Now, however, the person can have a copy of their key made and can use a ring, bracelet, or a sticker on their smartphone to get inside their home.

A ring or bracelet is something the person can wear wherever they go. Since they’re already wearing it, they don’t need a third hand to unlock their door so they can get inside. It’s much easier to use and can make it easier for them to unlock the door without waking a sleeping toddler, without having to put their bike down, or without having to stop, put down a few groceries, pick them back up and then go inside.

If a person doesn’t like jewelry, doesn’t like the styles offered, or simply doesn’t want to purchase a ring or bracelet, they might choose a sticker for their smartphone instead. This is actually a thin piece of plastic that works just like their key fob, but it sticks onto their phone so it’s always within reach and easy to use.

Getting inside the home doesn’t have to be difficult when a person’s hands are already full. If they use a key fob to get into their home, they can look into the fob key replacements that are available today and choose the right one to meet their needs.