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Tips for Traveling With a Dog

Having a pet doesn’t mean that you can’t travel anymore, although it will make the process a bit more complicated, depending on where you’re going and how you’re getting there. While it’s possible to leave a dog behind with a pet sitter or in a kennel, some tips might make it easier to bring the dog along with you on your next trip.

Get a Crate

If you’re taking your dog with you when travelling, a crate is a good thing to have. Airlines require that a dog be in a crate for air travel, and having a dog in a good crate can help keep him safe while traveling in a car. Otherwise, the dog is more likely to get injured should an accident occur on the trip. The American Kennel Club recommends choosing a crate that is big enough so the dog can stand, turn around and lie down in it and that it have a leak-proof bottom covered with absorbent material and strong grips and handles. The crate should be well-ventilated on opposite sides. Keep a water bottle and the dog’s favorite toys inside to help keep him happy and comfortable, along with a mat for him to sit on.

Other Supplies

Bring along plenty of water, dog food and treats as well as the dog’s leash and collar. Make sure the dog has an ID tag and that he’s up-to-date on all his shots and healthy. Bring any medicines he may need as well as health certifications and shot records from the vet.

Trips By Car

Car trips may be the easiest with dogs, as then you don’t need to deal with airline regulations or having the dog transported in the cargo hold. Dogs shouldn’t ride in the back of a truck or with their head out the window. Instead, have them in their crate and be sure to stop often for bathroom, exercise and water breaks. An empty stomach may help limit carsickness. Don’t leave the dog alone in the car.

Lodging Considerations

Many hotels and motels restrict whether or not dogs can stay on the premises or only allow certain types of dogs. Check before you leave to find those that will allow your pet. Once there, don’t leave the dog alone in the room and make sure to ask where it is best to walk the dog. Clean up any mess the dog makes.